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ERP Solutions
Let us implement cost effective Enterprise Resource Planner for your organization that will enable you have all your organization integrated into one solution and sigle point of truth. Optional Modules includes but not limited to Human Resource & Payroll, Warehouse & Inventory/Stock, Manufacturing, Accounting, POS & Invoicing, eCommerce, Online portal services, CRM
Hospitality Systems
All you need to manage your hospitality business, from reservation, booking, check in/check out, to Accounting. This product brings the future of hospitality business to today.
School Management System
Now your school can have a formidable team involving real time school administration and parents participation in the building up of Total Child. Our school management system will take off about 70% administartive task from your teachers so they can concentrate on students academic needs

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Henox ICT School Management System

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Our integrated School Information System (SIS) will drop the time spent on administration by about 70%. Our system caters for both school administration to parents real time involvement in the development of a total child. Henox ICT School Management Solution was designed to optimize complete school functionality, ease of use, administration and above all very affordable.
You run a single school or group of schools? Our solution will do the comprehensive management of both scenarios!

Henox ICT School Management System Base Features

Student Demographics
Henox ICT School Management System enables the tracking of numerous student demographic attributes in a permanent record and across enrollments. Need something not included in the base installation? Use our custom categories and fields that allow you to easily create any number of custom fields to capture your specific data needs.

Contact Information
Henox ICT School Management System allows you to easily add contact information for parents, relatives and authorized individuals. Designate legal guardian, bus stops and associate parents with students enabling automatic access to the parent portal.

Henox ICT School Management System includes a scheduler that allows you to easily input student requests and mass schedule students. You can make multiple schedule runs as you make adjustments and have multiple schedules within a school. View and print student schedules and class rosters with just a few clicks.

The built in grade book allows teachers to enter homework assignments, class tests and any other activity using weighted scales if desired. Automatic tallying of grades, reports to find erroneously entered grades and advanced ad hoc reporting is included. Entering final grades is as easy as a mouse click.

Reports/Report Designer
Henox ICT School Management System includes numerous standard reports and the ability to design custom reports using simple check boxes. Reports are output to PDF format for easy printing and viewing.

Report Cards
Easily input final grades, create student report cards and calculate GPA’s and class rankings. Change a final grade that will affect GPA or class ranking? Simply recalculate GPA’s using the built in function in our system. Print one report card, all report cards or anywhere in between with the flexibility of our system.

Henox ICT School Management System includes the ability to print student transcripts. Create groups of students across numerous attributes and click a button. It doesn’t get any easier and Henox ICT School Management System is all about ease of use.

Health Records
Nurses visits, immunizations, physician contact information, allergies and more are all a part of our health records. Need something we don’t have? Easily add a new field to the health records to meet your specific needs without any programming. It’s easy!

By period, by day, with comments and all accomplished with a only a few clicks. Customize attendance codes to meet your specific needs. Easily check attendance by using our built-in reports. Student show up late and you need to change their record? Easily done if you have the access rights.

Parent Portal
Henox ICT School Management System includes a parent portal that allows your parents to see their children, grades, attendance, discipline and more using the same intuitive web interface. And it is part of the base solution, which is free.

Henox ICT School Management System includes the ability to control user security at the field level. Customize the included roles and create your own to meet specific needs. No programming knowledge needed and only a few mouse clicks are required.

Henox ICT School Management System Additional Modules

Email and SMS Text Messaging
School closing? Weather alert? Important announcements? Crisis situation? Pickup Buses Timing change? Quickly and easily notify teachers, staff, parents and even students using our SMS module. Send messages to all subscribers, single users, a specific school, parents and custom groups easily from our intuitive interface. Track messages using our built in audit trail.

Food Service
Easily manage student lunch accounts and lunchtime checkouts with our food service module. Automatically integrates with our student billing module. Sped up lunch room lines using the student number input device of your choice, including PIN, biometrics and staff touch screen.

Student Billing
Easily track student balances and payments with our student billing module. Create and track billing for multiple items easily in one simple interface. Integrates directly with the food service module.

Library Module
Online real time complete management of school library is available for seamless integration into our system.

Henox ICT School Management System Benefits

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Our system requires no upfront license fees saving a school or group of schools incredible amount of money in implementing a new SIS. Low support and maintenance fees give you complete help desk support at rates very affordable. Custom services are provided at very low rates helping you to get things done without breaking the bank.

Freedom from Vendor Control
No forced upgrades, no product discontinuation, no required maintenance and support fees.
Need help? We will gladly provide custom services for you at rates far lower than commercial software vendors.

Central Administration
Unlike many solutions in the market, our system is a centralized relational database eliminating the need for servers in individual schools. This increases security and reduces costs associated with maintenance.
If you are using a distributed system that requires a server in every school, experience real savings by centralizing your entire application. Reduce your hardware costs and staff costs associated with maintaining those servers.

100% Web Based
No need for client software. Any industry standard web browser will work. Increases productivity and morale through anytime, anywhere access. Have a system that requires a desktop client to be installed? Have many desktops? All of these have to be maintained by IT. Reduces costs of maintaining the desktop by eliminating maintenance associated with upgrades and patches to rich clients. Experience rich client experience with our extensive use of AJAX technologies.

The hosted enables schools lacking technical skills to use the solution at a fixed annual fee. Returns your focus to what is most important, educating students, and leaves the job of IT to us. Your data is backed up every day. If your server fails, another one takes its place. Always there, always on and always safe, much safer than your place.

Administrators, teachers, staff, parents and even students all use the same interface, the same database and the same data. The EasyCom add-on module enhances this with email and SMS text message communication. Parents can subscribe to a library of messages that they want to receive and how they want to receive them. Real customer service that meets your constituents needs in a way they want it done.

Our system incorporates user profiles and configurable permissions down to the individual field level for read and write access. Fields can be hidden as well. Create special roles with custom permissions easily and quickly with a few mouse clicks.

Open Standards, Open Products
Open source and open standards means easier integration for 3rd party software providers. It also means that clients can modify the solution if they desire. Clients think less about the product requirements and more about using it.

Platform Independence
Use your existing software and existing skills. No need to buy anything new or switch to a new operating system.

Ease of Use, Ease of Administration
Can you surf the web? You can use this system! Point and click navigation with an intuitive interface and logical workflows make Henox ICT school management system exceptionally easy to use. Less training, faster staff adoption rates and easy administration ensure that openSIS is working for you.